On the Road to Atheism Chapt.2

Chapter 2.What I accept or believe

My 17th birthday was April 14, 1984. My 5cnd birthday was April 14, 2019. Between those two dates I have been asked numerous questions over the years. Most of the questions were the same questions asked year after year day after day. I decided to now write down many of those questions along with my answers. Maybe I can show people this book and they won’t keep asking me the same questions because this book will answer such questions.

I have acknowledged that many African Americans do not know a History preexisting the African Transatlantic slave trade. So how can any African or African American identify as a Christian when the Bible was used to support slavery?

My Answ. I would say that I have examined US history with an honest analytic vantage point. By such an examination as an African American also commonly referred to as a Black person I am partially a direct descendant of Africans brought to the landmasses of what became Central, North and South America during the mid-1600’s. The Africans were brought to these locales without their own consent. They were exploited as a free labor source or slave. Nearly all the slave traders who brought them to these various locations had proven to be very devout Christians.

As white Christians they were enabled to use their Holy Bibles as proof in their declaration that an Abrahamic Jewish turned Abrahamic Christian God ordained them to enslave as many Africans as they could. This was done whether or not the Africans were already Christian, Catholic or Muslim. The slave traders had deemed all Africans as subhumans worthy of doing a life filled with hard labor without due payment for such hard labor.

The Africans were to be taught a new language, dialect, history, religion and culture very much unlike and in opposition of that of Africa. The Africans were brought to the landmasses of South, Central and North America in substandard conditions which were cramped and overpopulated. They were not to be given proper food, clothing or the usage of a bathroom while being transported to the landmass where they were to be forced into slavery.

Before and during this transatlantic slave trade there were some Christians referred to as Abyssinian or Ethiopian Christians. Their version of Christianity was very unlike the Christianity of the slave traders. The Christianity of the Abyssinians had most if not all the people of their religion depicted in their holy books a people of the Middle East and Africa. The Christianity of the slave traders had most if not all their people depicted in their holy books as a people solely metaphorically, allegorically and symbolically of the Caucasus Mountains representing Africa and the Middle East. Now they as Caucasians became the owners, makers, white cream of the planet Earth, White mothers and Fathers of civilization with a White God of the Universe. The Christians then became The Lost and Found Children of Israel.

The white Christians assured themselves and others that their history proved that the Shakespearean English speaking Jesus the Christ was the one sole savior of the Christian world. Those who refused to fully embrace and accept this one truth were a clear and unmistakable immoral and unethical devil worshiping heathen people.

The Southern Baptist Church formed before the Civil war, because they believed it was OK to own slaves, while the other Baptists did not.The Southern Baptist Church was a racist church from it’s foundation. Yet, what is the single largest denomination for African American Christians?If you guessed it was the Southern Baptist you were correct.

African Americans who are Christian may profess that there was no other way for them to have survived slavery without Christianity. I personally think such a statement is untrue and ridiculous. Some people would have survived without having a religion at all. They had to do what the slave master required them to do or be killed. Some were lynched even when they obeyed their slave masters. Most often the slave master was a racist.

Apparently a majority of African Americans continue to make excuses why they support psychological slavery. When a colonizing force of people kidnap, enslave, and slaughter those who refuse to comply with their commands for several generations, the oppressed tend to accept the oppressor’s standards as normal and a necessary aspect of survival. This act is referred to as Stockholm Syndrome.

I became an Atheist partially because I realized that Christianity and sometimes religion as a whole helped keep black people in psychological slavery. Part of such psychological slavery was the Bible and how it is interpreted. The Bible is literally full of errors in nearly every way possible.

Many religious followers and leaders began to more thoroughly examine their overall religious beliefs. This often caused a power struggle within the Christian, Catholic and Muslim church, mosque or temple in America.

Many religious followers and leaders here in the United States began to refute their own Abrahamic religious beliefs. Most had found that what they had referred to as religious hopes, faiths and beliefs were not founded on truth nor actual facts but were almost entirely based on medieval superstition. Such religions promoted unfounded unnecessary ignorance, racism, sexism, superstition, mythology and homophobia.

This revealed that many religious leaders were both immoral and unethical because they purposely mislead their religious followers. They did this as a way to gain advantages in a ladder of success as a way of gaining great material wealth. Most had preached against material wealth in change for spiritual wealth. For the Demigods material wealth was spiritual wealth. But this was not so for their religious followers.

I personally noted that the biblical Moses didn’t lead Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. In fact the Hebrews didn’t receive their holy land until 1948 when then controlled by Muslims. There is not one shred of archeological evidence for the existence of Moses or of any of the Bible’s main cast of Hebrew characters from Abraham to Jacob, King David, King Solomon, Noah or of an Adam and Eve. There is however substantial evidence of the existence of Egyptian pharaohs and Sumerian myths from whence these biblical characters were based.

Personally When I read a King James Version of the Bible as a Christian I took notice that it began by a story alleged told by Moses. Moses was supposed to have been a Hebrew whom grew up among the Egyptians of antiquity as if an Egyptian. Moses for some reason does not tell a story with neither a Hebrew perspective nor an Egyptian perspective. Instead Moses gives a story from a Christian or Catholic perspective. To a thinking people it would be obvious that if Moses was an actual person he had preexisted Catholicism and Christianity.

I took note that Moses also speaks in third person. Instead of saying “I saw…..” or speaking as if he was present Moses says “Moses saw……” This allows me to know Moses didn’t write what was Biblically accredited to him. Without Moses there would be no Old Testament nor stories of Adam, Eve, Noah nor himself. Much of the occurrences of the early Bible accredited to Moses were alleged to have occurred during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses.

The Africans who became slave in the US were given a Bible by slave masters to replace their “lost” history. I thought the concept of a slave worshiping, praising and praying to the same God of the slave master as an oxymoron. As a descendant of such Africans,when I was 17 years old I decided to read the Bible for myself rather than be dictated it. I found various historical inaccuracies.

The first historical inaccuracy I noticed was the fact it began with an alleged Moses telling the story. Moses was supposed to have been a Jew/Hebrew who grew up among Egyptians as an Egyptian. Yet this Biblical story is told from a Christian perspective. So there was no Adam and Eve’s side of the story. There was no Noah’s side of the story and there was no Abrahamic Christian Gods side of the story. It was all Moses. But Moses only speaks in third person. He can never say “I did….” or “I saw”. Instead he writes saying “Moses did….” or “Moses saw….” This allowed me to know Moses didn’t write what was accredited to him. In fact this makes it appear there was no Moses at all. Someone is pretending someone named Moses wrote the beginning of the Bible.

I noticed that although Moses speaks of the pharaoh Ramses II it is evident this Moses had no idea who Ramses was. Ramses aided to build some of the pyramids in Egypt. But this Moses doesn’t know the pyramids existed. Instead he pretends that an Anrahamic Christian God revealed a magic trick to him that should convert the Egyptians and the “Children of Israel.” His magic trick does not out-do the act of the building of the pyramids so the pyramids are not mentioned. The magic tricks would have already been taught to Moses by Egyptian Magicians but an Abrahamic Christian God is being accredited.

Moses would not have been a Christian because Christianity did not exist during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses the second. In fact the initial Hebrew were Egyptian, Akkadian and Sumerian Nomads not Jews. Jews came about much later in history. They were Europeans who converted to lesser religions that were bit and pieced together from preexisting Pagan religions. But what does this have to do with the overall belief in a GOD?

The word or term “God” is merely a three lettered word someone invented. What could such a word possibly mean? To a certain degree It could mean anything its user says it means.

I came to notice that every person who has ever told me they believed in a God has disproved their own belief by how they defined such a God.For example:Some Christian Theist have told me that God was an archetype of the Universe who created all organic and inorganic existence including himself, was an Immortal, was good 100% of the time, Was the most powerful being they could think of which made him Omnipotent, and was an all seeing Omnipresence which meant he was a know it all. He always maintained these variants at all times.

They then said it could be proved by their Holy Book known as a Bible. But the Bible actually clearly disproves every claim made. I concluded to have absolutely no reason to support Christianity whether or not Africans were practicing their version of such religions.

Many African American Christians actually proudly say that they are very glad black people were made slaves because they now know Jesus. In reality you don’t know Jesus at all. You know what you were told and you refuse to think for yourself.

As an Atheist I find Christian morality an oxymoron. It was a Christian moral and ethical value that their concept of God was one of a superhuman immortal holy ghost called God to whom actually morally and ethically exist and cannot be disproved. So how did such a deity come into existence? Such a deity initially came into existence by way of Jews.

Do Christians agree with this Jewish depiction of the sole Abrahamic God and its heaven? No Christians do not agree so Christians had to reinvent such a concept which would be more applicable to them. They reinvented it by making it up. There may be thousands of Christian sects disagreeing with one another what exactly God is because one depiction would not apply to all Christians. Some Christian sects have to say that all the other sects besides their own are not true Christians. So instead of making people closer to one another and closer to one deity or God they become more divided.

Blacks who were once Africans brought to the Americas as slaves who were already Christians were forced a depiction of Biblical characters which fit a white supremacist brand. Everyone from Adam to Zechariah became white biblical characters. That’s an example of Christian morality and ethics.

Now it seems the most famous applicable  Christian concept is to automatically deny something. Anything that may remotely seem to go against your belief that all Pagans and Atheist were devil worshipers should and will be denied.

Atheist have never worshiped a God or a Devil because they do not believe in the existence of such alleged beings. This will not sway  Christians from saying Atheist worship the devil as so do Pagans. In Christian morals it is favorable to lie, cheat and steal for one’s deity. It is also good to deny things on occasion.

Why should I have to lie in order to hold a religious hope, faith or belief? I ended up finding such an act very nonsensical. I gradually stopped going to church. I kept reading my Bible. I began to read different versions of the Bible. One Revised Standard Version made it clear that an Angel impregnated Mary so that she could birth Jesus. The King James Version of The Bible has a different interpretation. Yet I was told that all of these various versions of the Bible were exactly the same. I knew that was a lie.

There is no concept of a devil in Hebrew. So how did Christians, Catholics and Muslims who also alleged to believe in a sole Abrahamic God come to believe in the existence of a devil and the existence in a spiritual fight of good vs evil?

The closest thing to a devil for the Hebrew were mortal human monarchs who did things considered immoral and unethical to the Jews. This then completely alters the concept of the devil. So I am amused when Christians, Catholics and Muslims explain to me their version of what they think the Hebrews of antiquity believed, what they profess the Jews or Hebrews of antiquity believed. 9 out of 10 times the Christians, Catholics and Muslims are wrong. They almost never get corrected because they don’t communicate with Jews and get the Jews side of the story.

The Christians, Catholics and Muslims create a one sided story where they themselves get to tell the story. The result is a creation of a devil where Christians, Catholics and Muslims don’t know the difference between Satan, Lucifer, Azrael, Mephistopheles or Baphomet. For the most part different people in history created different versions of the devil for often opposing reasons. Those same people created different and often opposing forms of a monarchical God. This means that both God and devil began as concepts.

The initial version of the devil was formed to aid Christians who were once Roman, Greeks, and Jews converts fight against sexual deviancy. This devil’s name was Lucifer. As the story has it Lucifer was considered a holy angel when there was no such thing as good and evil, because there was only the existence of good. This was when good was considered a perfect state of existence because all things were flawless without weakness.

Lucifer was an androgynous male superhuman immortal. Lucifer was not at all scary. Lucifer could easily persuade mortal and immortals to do almost anything he wanted because he was so enticing and alluring and just outright good looking. Lucifer could easily make people believe him because he was soft spoken as well as sexually alluring. Although Lucifer was considered a holy angel Lucifer would freely have sex with male or female mortal and immortal humans or animals.

All angels were types of Gods to be worshiped by mortal humans. All angels then had a monarch among them. Their monarch was simply given the title of God. The monarch was given the credit for many things the Angels themselves had done. So the monarch was given the credit of handcrafting mortal humans out of clay.

Long after the monarch had created mortal humans the monarch told all the Angels to submit to the will of mortal man. This meant that immortal superhuman Angels now had to work nonstop for the whims of mortal humans. To worship mortal humans meant that immortal superhuman were to grant mortals nearly everything they as mortals desired. Mortal humans had limited intellect and were required to prostrate when in the presence of an immortal.

Lucifer thought such a request from their monarch had been done out of a total lack of logic. The monarch had power that was supposed to go unquestioned. Lucifer not only questioned the monarch’s authority, power and intellect Lucifer rebelled against the monarch in a quest to have such a monarch overthrown. As more angels sided with Lucifer this sparked a political war in heaven. The very definition of heaven in itself was questioned.

Heaven was supposed to have been a state of existence without flaws and weakness. Lucifer saw an increasing amount of flaws and weakness. The result was Lucifer became a monarch in Heaven whom had opposed the previous monarch thus there was now two opposing monarchs in heaven. This began an epic battle of good vs evil. Each side referring to the other as a devil. Each side referring to the other side as a lesser good.

In theory all evil could easily overpower all good. Good can be simply just being nice to all others. Evil can be simply killing all nice people. Yet if all nice people were killed there would be no good or evil because one would single out the other. Evil can only exist if there is good to compare itself to. Good can only exist if there was evil to compare itself to.


On the Road to Atheism Chapt.1



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Kenneth Andre Brown Sr aka Absolve Asghaad asserts the irrationality of the belief in a Deity or God and the grievous harm religion has inflicted on society. He also answers  many of the most asked questions he’s been repetitively asked over the years since becoming an Atheist.

Chapter 1 what I accept or believe

What person in their right mind labels themself an Atheist? Well, what person in their right mind doesn’t? It may have been in 2007 when I first read the God Delusion written by Richard Dawkins. When I read it I told myself that I would eventually write my own book about my own Atheistic views. It’s now 2019 and I’m not too late.

When I read the book I thought I should address some of the issues of my non acceptance of the overall concept of a deity or God.

So what is the God Delusion for me? The God Delusion is the delusionary notion that the three lettered word God has a one size fits all clear undisputed definition. I think most people who use this mere three lettered word seem to think everyone automatically knows exactly what they themselves mean when they use this word or term God.

Every person I have ever known to profess a belief in a deity or God has agreed with me of my definition of God as anyone or anything a people worship, constantly praise and pray to. But they have said that this definition is just a generalization to which there should be specifics added. They then immediately begin to contradict themselves when they add specifics. They then pretend they could not have possibly contradicted themselves

It became clear to me that many if not most people who have professed a belief in a deity or God didn’t actually believe in a God at all. They prefer to think that they held specific core values in morals and ethics. They came to accept that without such core values all people would then be left in a state of nihilism, misanthropes, anarchy or Atheism which went hand in hand. I came to find such a notion one sided, utterly ridiculous and an immoral and unethical lie to tell.

I have found that when there are two opposing forms of law,order, morals and ethics one side may say the other is without law, order, morals and ethics. Now a people will one-sidedly profess that those without a belief in God have no core values. We all have either consciously or subconsciously accepted that just because a person worships something, prays to something and constantly praises something does not automatically mean they have morals, ethics and core values. This is why there are so many opposing religions in existence.

There are opposing Muslim sects which hold opposing core values. Yet perhaps all Muslims hold 5 pillars of faith. All Muslims may have opposing specific 5 pillars of faith. The overall 5 pillars are usually generalized.

There are opposing Christian, Catholic and Judaic sects having opposing core values. Each group may live under a type of illusion which makes them profess that because they may all give themselves a title of Christian, Catholic or Jew it makes them all nearly just alike or identical. It then becomes easy for each group to accept that the only people unlike them all were Atheist thus only Atheist then had no core values at all. Yet none of these variants of Christians, Catholics or Jews believed in the same God, Jesus, Dogma, Cannon or the interpretation of their own holy books. They deceive one another.

Almost all Christians I have ever spoke to, which includes family members selectively accept that there are opposing Christian sects who don’t “believe” as they do. Sometimes individual Christians act as if they speak for all Christians. They then are looped in a cycle of saying and feeling those “others” are not true Christians. This forces them into a cycle of lying, denial and cover ups.

When I was merely 17 years of age I noticed a certain level of deception while attending church service. I acknowledged that The entire text now referred to as THE BIBLE was written near if not entirely by Jews or Hebrews. Christians take near every word of what the Jewish or Hebrew writers intended and take it completely out of the writers intended context. That’s what made Christianity become the religion it became.

Most often Christians cannot use what they deem as reverse psychology about the Bible on an Atheist because many Atheist know the Bible far better than the Christian. The Christian then may say that the Devil himself also knows the Bible better than most Christians. This is so because most Christians only selectively read the Bible. They are generally dictated how to read and interpret the Bible by religious leaders.

For the most part if a Christian themself see an error in the writing of the Bible they are generally required to go to their religious leader to point it out. It’s the religious leaders duty to explain the Bible in a way that it doesn’t seem to contradict itself. The follower has to trust their religious leaders.

Some religious leaders feel guilty about constantly having to lie to their religious followers Most religious leaders do not feel guilty about their deception. It’s a job with benefits.

This is what I found somewhat odd about Christianity when I was a Christian. I can read fairly well. I found why and how the Bible contradicts itself. It was written by several people and most of those people who were accredited as its writers were not its writers. Those Jews or Hebrews of Antiquity were not Christians but were hunter gatherer types during an era that the Egyptians were evolving humanity as a whole by moving away from just being hunter gatherers into agriculture. The Egyptians created written language not the Hebrews. The Sumerians also referred to as Phoenicians or Babylonians were also accredited as the founders of written language.

The Hebrews were actually making an attempt to rise above the Egyptians and the Sumerians. They were making an attempt to create a religion for themselves. The Egyptians and Sumerians had a civilization when the Hebrews didn’t. The Egyptians and Sumerians believed in a God when the Hebrews didn’t.

Later the Catholics, Christians and Muslims adopted a revamped version of what the Hebrews began. Each religion claiming itself an Abrahamic religion, yet each religion somewhat disliking the Jews. Each group making their own holy books to go against the religion preexisting it.

Atheists can say multiple bible verses contradict one another while Christians may say the exact opposite. Some Christians will act as if they can’t read even when you point the Bible verses out to them. Well, I have to admit that they are supposed to act this way. The religion was designed to replace the person’s thinking and acting while somewhat thinking for the person. It’s called Indoctrination.

When I found contradictions in the Bible I pointed them out to my mother. She told me to talk to the Pastor. When I spoke with the Pastor he gave me several reasons why the Bible doesn’t contradict itself. His explanation actually explained why the Bible did contradict itself. He was dismissing my claims while proving my claims. I found this somewhat insulting but I went ahead and took his word that the Bible didn’t contradict itself. This went on for a couple of months until I accepted that my Pastor had lied to me on purpose.

For months I was angered that my Pastor had lied to me. Eventually I was amused by the fact that I had ever believed much of the Bible in the first place. I felt like much of the Bible was so unrealistic and nonsensical that a person had to be a fool to believe it. The interpretations even take it further into nonsense.

The Bible clearly and unmistakably contradicts itself yet a Pastor will tell you it doesn’t. People will act as if they can’t read just to prove the Bible right. I thought this act was the most foolish of all things to go through. I now think such an act as immoral and unethical.

The 812th question asks Why do people say that Donald Trump is racist if he never attacked a particular race/ethnicity?

Muhammad Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed, Editorial Cartoonist | Socio-Political Commentator | MuslimAnswered 17h ago

Trump’s professional career is filled with him enthusiastically engaged in the anti-Black racism system using discriminatory housing practices to exploit and plunder Black people in the notoriously racist real estate game.

In addition to his campaign to get President Barack Obama impeached through the racist “birther-ism” slurs, the public record demonstrates Trump’s regular penchant for expressing anti-Black rhetoric. This includes his refusal to apologize to the five innocent Black youths he psychotically insisted should get the death penalty.

It isn’t a mere ‘assumption’ that Trump is a racist, since the fact is well-documented.

The 811th question asks What are the best ways to influence people?

Bruno Mirchevski

Bruno Mirchevski, Founder at HE Group (2018-present)Answered 17h ago

Millennials always relate influencing others with being an influencer.

Although the word itself had a different meaning before it became a profession, the real values behind the word got lost along the way.

Influencers, as people who influence others, are mostly doing it for money. It is their job to influence others, regardless of the message they are trying to pass on.

Here, I would like to suggest some of the old traditional ways to influence people leaving money out of the equation.

Influencing others should and does not have anything to do with money.

The reality today is way different, which is not bad by the way, but let’s dedicate a single moment to the times when being an influencer meant you are a true leader.

  • Make Others Feel Important

Making others feel appreciated, respected and important is the key to influencing them. Everyone wants to feel important, right?

Due to this reason, if you want to influence someone you need to make them feel worthy. Talk good to people and always tell them how important they are to you and why exactly you are in a need of them. Everyone needs that little push.

  • Empower Them

You always gain more authority when you empower others. When you think of empowering other, think of the good old saying ”People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.

So, if you want to influence them, you make them feel confident and good in their own skin.

  • Respect Their Opinion

Take one minute to put yourself in the shoes of a person who does not value your opinion. Do you find that person as motivational? According to you, is this person a leader? Do you respect their opinion?

It is most likely that the answers to all of these questions were a firm ‘No’.


If you want to influence others, they have to value what you think so they can listen and later follow your words. But, everything begins with you. Do not seek respect where you don’t give it. Do not seek valuation where you don’t provide it first. It is that simple.

The 810th question asks How is it that Canada doesn’t have, or has never had, a significant black population? The underground railroad was an elaborate system to move black people to Canada where they would be free and couldn’t be sent back to slavery.

Jon Mixon
, I’m a race and an ethnicityAnswered 7h ago

Question: How is it that Canada doesn’t have, or has never had, a significant black population? The underground railroad was an elaborate system to move black people to Canada where they would be free and couldn’t be sent back to slavery.

Multiple reasons, including:

  1. Until the early 20th century Canada’s total population was relatively low – There were never going to be very many Black people, escaped slaves or otherwise until later years because there weren’t very many people of any ethnicity in Canada until the 20th century (Excluding, of course the pre-Colombian First Nations population) The total population of the entire country was 5.4 million in 1900, which was LOWER than the population of New York City at the time.
  2. Canada had a very racist past – While things are more tolerant now in most of the country, prejudice against non-Whites was very common until the later half of the 20th century. Many Blacks who might have considered relocating to Canada may have had a change of heart when they discovered that things there were roughly the same as they were in many areas of the United States.
  3. The Great Depression was very hard on most areas of Canada – The time when many Blacks would have relocated to Canada, there wasn’t much work for them to do so. The Depression was very difficult in Canada (Especially the Plains) and the region still hasn’t recovered from that in many ways.
  4. The United States offered more – When Blacks from other nations decided to emigrate if they had a choice, then the United States was preferable to Canada. The US had more jobs, greater levels of diversity and and seemed to be a better prospect than Canada did, especially after the 1960s civil rights movement.
  5. Canada’s immigration policies aren’t as open as they made out to be– Canada can be a very difficult place to get a visa for from certain countries and it has a tendency to slow or deny visa applications from nations which seem to be generating a number of asylum. It’s a very tedious process to get into Canada from many places and some people decide to go elsewhere. That includes a number of people from the Caribbean and Africa,

Canada was lightly populated until well into the 20th century and remains rather lightly populated even today (There are more people in California than there are in the entire nation of Canada). There were never going to be many Black people because of that, because of its past racism, because of its weak economy and because of its restrictive immigration policies. While this may change as climate change makes many Commonwealth island nations less habitable, that is still many decades down the road.


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The 809th question asks Is there a correlation between education and atheism?

Alan Appleby
, former Educator Across Various Sectors and Age-groupsAnswered 1h ago

Is there a correlation between education and atheism?

Yes! The higher the level of education, – especially in science, logic and critical thinking, the greater the proportion of atheists in the population.

Eminent scientists reject the supernatural: a survey of the Fellows of the Royal


There is also a correlation between theists, (particularly fundamentalist theists), and a propensity for faith-based self-deception of Dunning-Kruger confidence and Illusory superiority – Wikipedia from the perceived circular “god endorsement” of their own personal views.

‘Christianity as default is gone’: the rise of a non-Christian Europe

The survey of 16- to 29-year-olds found the Czech Republic is the least religious country in Europe, with 91% of that age group saying they have no religious affiliation. Between 70% and 80% of young adults in Estonia, Sweden and the Netherlands also categorise themselves as non-religious.

In the UK, only 7% of young adults identify as Anglican, fewer than the 10% who categorise themselves as Catholic. Young Muslims, at 6%, are on the brink of overtaking those who consider themselves part of the country’s established church.

59% of young people in the UK never attend religious services

In the Czech Republic, 70% said they never went to church or any other place of worship, and 80% said they never pray.

In the UK, France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, between 56% and 60% said they never go to church, and between 63% and 66% said they never pray.

Nearly two-thirds of young people in the UK never pray

“The new default setting is ‘no religion’, and the few who are religious see themselves as swimming against the tide,” he said.

There are graphs on the link, showing figures for other European countries.

The 808th question asks How do atheist believe that everything was made out of nothing for no reason by nobody?

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr, I grew up as a Pentecostal Christian.Now I’m atheist.A

The word or term nothing means that which is outside ones realm of knowledge.That which is within one’s realm of knowledge is referred to as “something.”

Reason is a faculty of the mind.Many atheist have seen no proof that all existence which preexisted thinking humans came from a thinking universe. If the universe doesn’t think it doesn’t create because of reason. It has no plans.

space is a body or embodiment.This doesn’t mean it’s personified.The term or word “nobody” is a personification.